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About Cancellations Contracts Facilities Housing News Profiles Recruiters Testing Contact

About GypsyReports.com

The only website for all healthcare travelers with absolutely no advertising
Anonymous cancellation reporting option to help protect your identity
Traveler Alerts in our Facebook group and on our News page
Promoting transparency for the healthcare travel industry
Tracking facility cancellations so you know who to avoid
Maintaining a database of facilities that have pass/cancel testing
Maintaining a database of recruiter reviews
Maintaining a database of agency contracts so you can comparison shop
Maintaining a database of short-term housing options
Maintaining a database of facility dept. reviews
Keeping your information private. It is not for sell to anyone, ever!
Run by an experienced travel nurse that got fed up with travelers being abused
Reports from your fellow Gypsies on cancellations , testing , contracts , facilities , recruiters , housing and traveler news
Visit the Cancellation Database Facebook page (where Gypsy Reports was born)

About Me

I have been a travel nurse for more than 5 years. In 2017, I noticed an increase in travelers being canceled and something in me just snapped. After one particular post on Facebook, I decided something needed to change. So on April 26, 2017 I decided to put my rusty web design skills to work and start a database to keep track of which facilities cancel travelers and it very quickly grew into tracking and storing more. On May 24, 2017 I changed the name from cancellationdatabase.com to gypsyreports.com because the project had grown into more than just tracking cancellations and I wanted a website name that reflected a more accurate description of its purpose.

Why? Well, facilites and agencies track travelers to know who they want to avoid; since they are tracking travelers it is only fair that we track them too! Facilities have been able to cancel travelers without any repercussions for far too long. Well, I want that to change. My goal is to get every healthcare traveler to report their canceled contracts so we can see which facilities to avoid. If a facility is canceling a few travelers each month I want to avoid them, but if a facility is only canceling a few travelers per year I might be willing to give them a chance. That is why this website was started.

About You

Help me, help you! I have spent a lot of time and money on this project and gone though a lot of trial and error to get this website running. I pay for all the costs out of my pocket. The only thing I ask from you? Contribute your data, please. It costs you nothing and it helps every traveler and our industry.

Reporting links are found on the corresponding database pages. If you want to report a canceled contract, go to the cancellation database and the reporting link is near the top. If you want to submit a recruiter review, go to the recruiter database and the reporting link is near the top. Reporting links are always near the top of the related database pages.

Anonymous cancellation reporting changes the cancellation date and hides the reason, your title and the dept. you worked

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