Many already know that the govt is canceling all 'non-essential' personnel because of the potential government shut-down and that includes nursing staff, especially travel nurses. I've spoken with many nurses that secured one year leases that they are going to break because of being canceled by the VA and they got nothing for their troubles or their willingness to help our country and it's Veterans.

This is the problem I'm trying to fight, this is the reason I started all of this. Information is power and knowing who is canceling travelers often will help us avoid high risk contracts. Seeing that a government shutdown puts lots of travel nurses out of work and causes them to lose money is unacceptable in my opinion, but it's also educational because now we know one year contracts with the VA are never promised. If we cancel our contracts they want to penalize us, sometimes thousands of dollars, but let the facility do it and ... nothing. Sorry for your loss, good luck and maybe we'll call you later. No thanks.

What does this mean? It will mean different things for each person, but for me it means I will not work for the VA medical center, ever, because it's too risky. Some places require upwards of $2,000 - $3,000 to break a lease, add that to having to get a moving van or enclosed trailer and then having to pay to relocate and secure housing and utilities all over again for another facility is just too much when you thought you had a secure contract for a year.

VA medical centers? Nope, not for me.