I found out this facility has been unable to pay their agencies / travelers and at least one traveler was canceled by their agency (One Staff Medical) because of this. Here's the conversation I had with the traveler.

Me: "I was notified that your Agency cancelled your contract due the facility not paying. Would you mind sharing with me which facility this was? Was it Santa Rosa Memorial or another facility? "

Traveler: "It was Santa Rosa memorial but they are not who canceled me. My company one staff medical did. I understand that Santa Rosa or a Saint Joe's health system did not pay one staff. However, 1 staff renewed me in September even though they hadn't been paid I guess since July. I understand that it is unfortunate but companies are often 6 months in arrears especially when they go through AMN as VMS. But I feel that I was kind of played. Not sure who had the biggest part in the screw up"

See prior post for further information.