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Community Regional Medical Center - Fresno, California

This facility just canceled at least 10 ER travelers. Initially, they stated it was due to low census but after they checked their numbers, their census was the same as last year. After the low census claim, the facility stated they made some changes to the bed flow on the floors and no longer needed to hold as many patients in the ER, resulting in travelers being canceled. Oddly, many of the travelers that were canceled were travelers that had been there for multiple contracts.

As of this posting, Community Regional Medical Center only had one cancellation report in the Cancellation Database for 2017 for 'Budget Problems'.

Renown Regional Medical Center - Reno, Nevada

I just received some very important information regarding this notorious (in the travel world) facility. The conversation was long, but here's the facts of the conversation as relayed to me:

Renown Regional Medical Center
Reno, Nevada
1. Renown just canceled at least three travelers due to pass/cancel tests.
2. The anonymous reporter states they asked Renown about testing, prior to arrival, and was told there were no pass/cancel tests.
3. At least six travelers have had their start dates pushed back due to 'inconclusive' drug screenings. Some have been pushed back multiple times.
4. Nurses are being threatened with being canceled for any infractions during orientation.

Prior to this report, Renown had two cancellations reported in the cancellation database.

 This has to stop! Facilities lying about their pass/cancel testing has to stop, until we can do something to change this bad practice we need to avoid such hospitals. 

Spread the word about Gypsy Reports to every single healthcare traveler you know. The only way to fight these practices is to let everyone know about them.

Rehoboth Mckinley Christian Hospital - Gallup, New Mexico

A member shared this information today:

Rehoboth Christian, Gallup
Hospital is in so much debt, they are releasing all travelers and docking 8 hrs of pay from all hourly employees and 10% from salary. Needless to say, they are seeing many physicians and staff walking out the door.
Too bad really, I like this assignment!
People are Awesome!
I will miss them and wish them luck!"

As of this report, Rehoboth had one cancellation report in the cancellation database which doesn't include any cancellations from this incident.

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