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UPDATE - Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital - Santa Rosa, California

I'm being told that this facility is overstaffed by at least 20 travelers and they are asking people to volunteer for call-off lists. Just FYI in case you are at this facility or get an offer for this place. Although I don't know why they would put any offers out, but I've seen facilities send offers out, offer contracts and then cancel them because they were 'over-staffed'. My guess is because there was a disconnect between HR and others.

I am also being told that another potential reason for the overstaffing is because there were talks of a strike and perhaps the facility was trying to overstaff just in case that happened. It's unknown if that strike is still possible or if the facility and the staff came to an agreement


UPDATE - Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital - Santa Rosa, California

I found out this facility has been unable to pay their agencies / travelers and at least one traveler was canceled by their agency (One Staff Medical) because of this. Here's the conversation I had with the traveler.

Me: "I was notified that your Agency cancelled your contract due the facility not paying. Would you mind sharing with me which facility this was? Was it Santa Rosa Memorial or another facility? "

Traveler: "It was Santa Rosa memorial but they are not who canceled me. My company one staff medical did. I understand that Santa Rosa or a Saint Joe's health system did not pay one staff. However, 1 staff renewed me in September even though they hadn't been paid I guess since July. I understand that it is unfortunate but companies are often 6 months in arrears especially when they go through AMN as VMS. But I feel that I was kind of played. Not sure who had the biggest part in the screw up"

See prior post for further information.

ALERT - Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital - Santa Rosa, California

FACILITY : Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
LOCATION : Santa Rosa, California
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Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital in California is currently overstaffed and shift cancellations are common. Travelers whose shifts are cancelled are forced to reschedule their cancelled day/hours on their days off to guarantee a full work week or risk getting marked “traveler cancelled shift”, which will reduce their per diem and housing stipend on their pay. This affects having time off too, making if impossible to schedule a life outside of work.
I'm also hearing that this facility is cancelling travelers for partial shifts. Calling travelers and telling them not to come into work until 11am , 3pm , etc. Meaning you have to make up those 4 - 8+ hours another day.
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Other hospitals in the area were (also) evacuated due to the wildfires, but I don't know if they are having the same staffing and scheduling situations, but be cautious taking a contract in this area.
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EDIT: There are rumors that some contracts have been cancelled too. So far I've only heard it involves travelers that have not started their contracts.

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